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23rd March Turn off the lights for the planet

HoraDelPlaneta, CuidemosNuestroPlaneta, Sostenibilidad, CompromisoAmbiental, Earth Hour, Savetheenvironment, Sustainability,Committedtotheenvironment 25/03/2024
un collage de photos avec l' hôtel marriott au milieu

On the 23rd of March, Hotel Yaramar, in Fuengirola, joined the global movement of Earth Hour to show our commitment with environment.  

What is Earth Hour? It is more than just turning off the lights for an hour; it is a symbol of unity in defence of our planet and the people who inhabit it. 

This year, in addition to turning off the lights in our hotels, we encouraged our employees to participate by spending an hour doing activities that not only bring us closer to nature, but also inspire us to take care of it more and more each day, capturing natural beauty through photography and enjoying outdoor sports. 

Every step we took, every photo we took, contributed to a worldwide movement of awareness and action for the planet. Because, as we all know, even 60 minutes can make a difference when millions of people unite in a common purpose. 

Today, we share with you some of the incredible photographs captured by our employees during this event. Each image contains a story of connection with nature and commitment to preserving the planet. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us in this meaningful moment, dedicating an hour to nature. Let's remember that every action, no matter how small it may seem, counts in the fight for a prosperous planet for future generations.  

Luisa Gélvez

Quality and Environmental Department