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We got awarded with EFR Certification

ML Hoteles, Hotel Yaramar, Hotel Angela, EFR, Empresa Familiarmente Responsable, Certificación, Certification, Family Reponsible Company, Fundación Másfamilia, conciliación, reconciliation, balance 13/03/2024
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The ML Hoteles Group, comprising the renowned Angela and Yaramar hotels in Fuengirola, is proud to be awarded with the EFR (Family Responsible Company) certification by the Fundación Másfamilia. This recognition positions us as one of the leaders in the hotel sector in terms of promoting a work-life balance for our team, underlining our firm commitment to excellence in the workplace.

At ML Hotels, we recognise that the well-being of our team is essential to providing an exceptional experience for our guests. That is why we have implemented a comprehensive set of 35 work-life balance measures, covering aspects such as job quality, work flexibility, family support, career development and equal opportunities. These initiatives reflect our determination to create an inclusive and nurturing work environment where every team member can grow and thrive.

Obtaining the EFR certification not only validates our current practices, but also encourages us to continue innovating in work-life balance policies. This recognition has been endorsed by international institutions such as the United Nations and the Interreg Europe programme, recognising it as a "Good practice" in business management.

At ML Hoteles, we are committed to maintaining excellence both in hospitality service and in the management of our team. This recognition motivates us to continue to be a benchmark in the hotel sector, offering a working environment that supports the work-life balance of our team, and ensuring that we continue to be a desirable destination both to work and to visit.