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"La Virgen del Carmen"

If you have visited us in previous years around this time, you'll know that this is a very important week both in our city, Fuengirola, and in our neighborhood, Los Boliches.

From Wednesday, July 15th to Sunday, July 19th, the Feria de Los Boliches will take place. If you are currently enjoying a wonderful vacation at the Hotel Yaramar, we recommend you visit the Fairgrounds as the celebration will be held there.

Every year, July 16th is the most important day of the year for many locals as it is the day of Virgen del Carmen, the patron saint of Los Boliches and all sailors.

Although this festival is celebrated throughout Fuengirola, in Los Boliches, it is celebrated with special fervor as Virgen del Carmen is the patron saint of this beautiful neighborhood of maritime origin.

The work of sailors and fishermen is hard and risky work, so due to the protection they believe their virgin provides them, every July 16th, many seamen parade her in gratitude.

This procession is considered by many to be the most beautiful and special one of the year as it ends with the virgin in the water surrounded by boats and fireworks.

If you happen to be at the Hotel Yaramar this Thursday, your hotel in Fuengirola, like every year, we invite you to enjoy this great celebration on our solarium.

Enjoy with us one of the most beautiful events of the year on the Costa del Sol!

Beatriz Muñoz

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